Week 10- Dance, dance…..

Week 10- Dance, dance.....

Hehehehee, it is finally my turn to put on the sneakers. These are red, brand new, comfortable and perfect for dancing. I have tried it in the shop. Shake it!
This is captured moment of my barefoot morning stretch in my pajamas. I am getting ready for an adventure. Get on your dancing shoes!

P. S. Do I really have to tell you that it was raining in the first hour of walking in my new sneakers? Well, you could guess….. Murphy law, as usual.


Week 9- These boots are made for walking

Week 9- These boots are made for walking

This is a kind of transition process between winter and spring. Well, at least we were hoping for some spring.
So these nubuck work boots are mine and red polka dot sneakers belong to my dear cousin Sonja.
I don’t know about you but I am freaking out the day when I finally take of my boots and put sneakers on. (Usually I have to grab my boots back again a few days after :D). I feel so relieved, it is one of the happiest moments in the year. I usually do it with the first rays of sun, early in the spring. Of course, my feet freeze, but I don’t care. Yeeeeeeha!
That day I didn’t have enough courage to put on the sneakers like Sonja did (it was the 4th of March) and I have to admit that I was kind of jealous. And the day was soooo sunny…….My bad!