Week 29- Gypsy soul

Week 29- Gypsy soul

The day when I bought tent was one of the happiest days EVER!

The cognition that I actually have A HOUSE, that is completely movable and weights 4 kilos fulfilled me with endless pleasure. Can you imagine?

My travel itch, love for big bags, backpacking, my precious tent and this lovely, colorful hummock, they all go to the same folder: GYPSY SOUL.

When me, my sister and a few closest friends saw the movie Queen of Gypsies (Tabot uhodit v nebo), we ran out of our minds. We have decided to make our own Gypsy tribe. It led us to many adventures……..we used to be hungry, thirsty, dirty, out of money, lost, but we didn’t give a damn about it. We have traded our comfort for the joy and dancing. At the end everything turned out well. And we had amazing time. Every single time.

I believe in dynamic balance, only. Like a bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, you must keep moving. (I should include bicycle in Gypsy soul folder, too).

And when life gets tricky pack your huge bag, or backpack, take your tent and your hummock, ride your bike or sit on a train. And go! Anywhere! Explore. Enjoy. Sit by the fire. Look at the stars. Feel the cool breeze on your skin.

Be the Gypsy. Like Lorka. Like Manu Chao. Like Shakira. Like my tribe and me. It is freakin’ awesome.