Week 26- Huge, enormous bag

Week 26- Huge, enormous bag

You have to call woman twice.

First time: She hears the phone and starts to search for it in her huge, enormous bag, following the sound.

Second time: She has found the phone and she answers.

The time between the first and the second call should be less than a minute.

Otherwise, she will loose the phone in her huge, enormous bag, again.

Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t apply for other important things, like wallet, keys, sunglasses, pens, papers, cards and all the other stuff that is regular content of huge, enormous bag.

Any ideas?


Week 22 – Think pink!

Week 22 - Think pink!

Things just CAN NOT go the way we want them to. Plan B can rarely go the we way we want it. Plan C can rarely go the way we want it. And so on. Sometimes I feel like Wile E. Coyote. Always making plans and something always goes wrong. I have decided that enough is enough. I need to catch Road Runner! I am ready!
And when I get upset I have to THINK PINK. And wear my pink umbrella to help me switch the color of my mind. And something happened. After a whole rainy day sunshine appeared to approve my think-pink-mood. You can see a few rays on my umbrella. And people were passing by and wondering what is pink umbrella for when it’s not raining.
Just to be sure, old lady, just to be sure! 😀