Week 2- Warm in January

Week 2- Warm in January

Please, take some time to compare this photo, and the one from the last year. The same date, the same place and yet completely different. And I prefer the one from the last year. It was snowy, cold, windy, as it should be on a weekend after Christmas. This year we had too much clothes, too little water, I have forgotten to bring a small hair band and sunglasses. Big mistakes in these conditions. And we were drinking the beer in front of the store, which is a kind of favorite village entertainment. Maybe not in January, but this year it was very possible. Why not use an advantage of it?

Now when I analyze a period since October till now, I realize that I gladly took chances to go outside for a walk, coffee, beer whenever possible, always thinking: “OK, I should use this day. Who knows, maybe the winter will start tomorrow and this is the last nice warm day.” And freaking winter never came. No snow at all. Even on mountains. Global warming kicks asses. And it makes me sad and worried.


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