Week 43- Get Lucky (or Laki)

Week 43- Sweetheart

I came to visit my sister and the kids. It was a lovely autumn day. But Pavle didn’t share that opinion. It was his crazy day. We just couldn’t get along. He didn’t want to play with me, or with anybody else, he just wanted to kick somebody’s ass. I didn’t want to be pushy and I moved away. Fortunately, there was another option- Lazar, Laki.

He is like a cookie or donut. He is calm and quiet, but he is tremendously happy when he gets some attention. He is laughing and speaking his baby-language then. You can kiss him, pet him, pinch him, roll him around, play with him and laugh- he enjoys all of it. (I have realized how much I neglected him. Pavle always occupies my time and attention.) This photo is just one moment of our joy. We had a whole lovely afternoon. In your face, Pavle!


Week 27- Brand new cookie

Week 27- Brand new cookie

Oh, don’t look at me, please! Don’t look at me. I am so terrible on this photo. But it just doesn’t matter. I have warned you about my possible appearance on the photos. Spookie!

What matters is this sweet heart, a new cookie, 6 days old Lazar. Isn’t he just perfect little boy? Of course he is. Just maybe……he is still too small and just a few steps away from the throne with his MAJESTY, the KING OF MY HEART, THE ONE AND ONLY…………well, you guess who it is…….PAVLE, PAVLE THE GREAT. While I was capturing this photo, Pavle was in front of the room and he was calling me :”Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamaamamammamamamamamamama….” (that is how he calles me, altough I am not his mom, OMG ❤ ❤ <3), without any intention of stopping. I guess that explains my stupid, terrified face expression. I didn’t want Pavle to think that the baby is my new pal, who took his privileged place. But on the other hand, baby is so sweeeeeeeeeeet, oh, I am melting………that is a kind of fragile balance I was afraid of.

I made a photo, acknowledged that I look like sh*t and ran outside. What else could I do? Except to ask Pavle does he want me to push him on the truck or another way around. There is a time, I will make many better photos of Lazar (when we send Pavle to kindergarten).

Just one more thing: Dear world, get ready for another AWESOME fella that will rock and roll, and run, and jump, and sing, and dance, and break hearts, and share the love and happiness. Welcome, little one! ❤ ❤ ❤

Week 23- Miss Fatty, Fatty

Week 23- Miss Fatty, Fatty

Sorry, sorry, we are jumping over the several weeks, but you will understand why.

This is my sister, Miss Fatty, Fatty. She is not actually fat, she is only pregnant. But she was thin for many, many years and I have to admit that I am totally delighted that she is finally fatter than me. (It has happed once more when she was pregnant for the first time, with Pavle). Now I had to hurry with this post, beacuse she will deliver the baby soon! Estimated term is 4th of July and we are looking forward to it. Pavle will get a baby brother! And goodbye Miss Fatty Fatty!

Look at her! She is so beautiful and happy! And me as well!

But it brings up another problem: Will I be able to be double-superhero-aunt to Pavle and to the baby? It is a great responsibility, you know. That job means a lot of stuff, for instance:

-eating exclusively with hands and encouraging Pavle to do it as well
-driving a teeny tiny car and forcing Pavle to push me beacuse the car is too slow
-making tents all around the house and hide
-speaking in a deeeeeep voice
-playing Pavle amazing music, totally inapropriate for kids
-letting Pavle explore the content of refrigerator and try everything he likes
-throwing all shampoos and shower gels in the bath an watching them slide (hilarious noise)
-playing guittar with Pavle (he is slightly better than me) and singing loudly

….and so on. I have to keep high standards in my aunt business. And make everyting double. Sound like a challenge! Who am I kidding? I am TOTALLY looking forward to expand my superhero work!

But new tips are always welcome!

P. S. Dear parents, aunts are NOT spoiling your children. Children need some safe spot where they can do all the stupid things fearlessly. And aunts need that as well. So it makes perfect match!