Week 7- My funny wine Valentine

Week 7- My funny wine Valentine

My darling is born on 14th of February- St Valentine’s day. In Serbia that day is also famous as a day of wine. However, the mixture of love and wine is definitely my cup of tea. 😀 I have bought him pajamas as a gift, for endless comfortable hours in the morning, when we drink coffee, listen to the radio (because our TV is broken) and laugh. As a matter of fact, we had his birthday guests for a couple of days and this was the first peaceful morning for us to enjoy ourselves. And our pajamas.
Which brings up the question: How to make guests leave?……………….. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely LOVE our guests…but after a while………. Do you have any tips on the subject? 😀


Week 4- Birthday party!

Week 3- Birthday party!

At 22nd of January, my nephew Pavle has celebrated his first birthday. So, as you can see, he is in the front of the photo, and I am behind the stage. We had a great time and so did he, but he only wanted to do things that he planned. He didn’t want us to disturb him with boring photos, so we hardly have any. And in each photo he looks ANGRY. He wanted to dance, climb up and go down the stairs, play with the fireplace (without fire, of course), do some funny things that everybody would clap at. And not to take some stupid photos. It is so funny for me to see so much attitude within such a small creature. But he has started to show it very early.
However, the party was good, cake was fine (shaped like an owl, for Pavle to be as clever as owl), he even succeeded to blow the candle. He was delighted and everybody was clapping, so he wanted to repeat that 100000 times. Happy birthday!
P.S. I have optimistically bought a package of birthday caps (you can spot one of them on the table). At the party I realized that most of the kids find it ridiculous, so it was only me and my sisters wearing them. Even Pavle looked at us with a kind of sad smile probably thinking:”Poor you, you have to wear that …thing.” And one boy (8 years old) told me :”I am not wearing that, I am not a small kid, you know.” Oh, excuse me! Total failure!