Week 12- Timber!

Week 12- Timber......

My parents have purchased a land (AKA ranch), near to our hometown. They felt that they have a large amount of energy and they have decided to start doing agriculture. They will grow fruit, probably pears, walnuts, hazelnuts, maybe cherries…there are plenty of ideas. But before they enjoy the fruit of their work, they need to get everything ready.

People usually complain:”We had to start everything up from zero level.” Here…maybe in dreams. The goal for this spring was to REACH THE ZERO LEVEL. The land was neglected for many years, and overwhelmed with wild plants, blackberries, spikes, bushes, small trees etc. They have worked REALLY (but I mean REALLY) hard for two weeks. The whole place looked like the Sleeping Beauty’s castle, before the spell was broken. But with a few tough guys, with many strong and hard-working hands, loads of good will and many, many liters of beer, they managed to break the spell. And here is me, on one happy Sunday. I am contributing the whole project. I was so delighted to work outside after many endless hours in my office. I recommend this to everyone, especially people who spend a great deal of time by computer. Your eyes, your brain and your body will be grateful. Because I am convinced that man is not designed to sit on ass and stare at monitor all day long.
However, when you work hard, it is important to make a break, as well. With coffee, if possible. Place cups at (natural) table, like mine. Listen to birds singing. Breathe. Smile. That’s better.
P.S. Don’t be afraid, we haven’t cut all the wood here, we just made some space clear for new fruit. We have a big forest, with a water spring as well. And villa (a kind of). And did I mention the view? The place is at the top of the hill, positioned towards the west. The best sunset ever. And it is windy, sometimes….sounds like the ending of “Wish you were here.” One word: WONDERFUL!