Week 13- Windows Vista

Week 13- Windows Vista

So this is the villa at our new ranch. Classy, isn’t it? We have 4 TVs, you know.
No really, object is in bad condition. It would have been better if it didn’t exist at all, but what can we do. It was somebody’s bad (and unfinished) idea. And it is full of all kinds of trash (including 4 TVs). People from the village are now coming and asking us to take some stuff, and my parents are very happy about that, they just want to get rid of the clutter.
Anyway, it is a bit spooky and interesting. There is one big “window” (big hole), but it provides THE MOST WONDERFUL VIEW. And the most wonderful sunset. I hope that this photo can show you dark and messy inside, as opposed to lovely, wide and light outside. And me in the middle.