Week 22 – Think pink!

Week 22 - Think pink!

Things just CAN NOT go the way we want them to. Plan B can rarely go the we way we want it. Plan C can rarely go the way we want it. And so on. Sometimes I feel like Wile E. Coyote. Always making plans and something always goes wrong. I have decided that enough is enough. I need to catch Road Runner! I am ready!
And when I get upset I have to THINK PINK. And wear my pink umbrella to help me switch the color of my mind. And something happened. After a whole rainy day sunshine appeared to approve my think-pink-mood. You can see a few rays on my umbrella. And people were passing by and wondering what is pink umbrella for when it’s not raining.
Just to be sure, old lady, just to be sure! 😀


Week 21- Think big, start a little

Week 21-

And now let me count: Jelena, Milos, Sofija, Katarina, Jelena, Aleksandar and Andrija. Oh yes, and me as well. We were at a kind of seminar in Sremski Karlovci and we had the MOST AMAZING TIME! I was there only for two days, but it was so refreshing that it felt like a whole week!
So on that weekend we were taught how to become a camp leaders on international voluntary workcamps. (This is our organization). So look carefully in faces of these criminals…….one round…….once again…….(who is mafia, who is the citizen?)…….these are the people that will lead and be responsible for voluntairs from all over the world this summer in Serbia. Are you scared a little bit? Do you feel a lack of trust? Hehehehehehehehehehe, just wait and see. We are about to start an avalanche!

I love you guys! ❤

P. S. More on the topic of volunteering coming soon. Stay tuned and thank you so much for reading.

Week 20- The tunnel

Week 20- The tunnel

This is a lovely walk near my hometown. It is very attractive path (an old railway track), with many, many tunnels, bridges and dams. It is even more interesting if you are a civil engineer. 😀
It was a lovely day and I finally had a feeling that things are going as I want them to go. I felt like I am finally coming out of the tunnel. Daylight! Hello there!

Week 19- Black holes and dangerous minds

Week 19- Black holes and dangerous minds

I was OBSESSED with this film when I was in highschool. It is sooooo amazing, with great music and great ideas. And when I finally saw this piece of a street art, I knew that it is going to be my photo of a week. Dangerous minds, dangerous frequences……. I have changed a lot, I am so much calmer and more zen, but I KNOW that revolutionary will always be inside of me! Hasta la victoria, sempre!

Yoga challenge

Among the many activities I love, yoga is something that I have just recently fell in love with. I have never been very stretchy and able to do any of skills required for a job in average circus. Not even in a bad one! And I have wanted it so badly!

 I can run for miles, do many kinds of tough workouts, climb, ski, ride a bike, do numerous push-ups, lift a weight, but when I need to touch my own toes…….ouch! It used to hurt me. (Till recently.) Also, I was always looking for some dynamic workout, to get sweat, to lose my breath, to get tired. Yoga always seemed boring and too slow for me. But some people, who had more experience with yoga, have recommended it warmly to me. It IS TOTALLY suitable for dynamic persons, they were saying. I needed a kind of ballast to make me more slow and focused.
I have started to practice yoga, and, step by step, I was able to see some progress. I can do it when I am endlessly tired. It makes me feel fresh and new. It is perfect for all of the people who sit for many (I don’t want to count how many) hours a day. All kinds of activities make your muscles contract, it is only yoga that makes them stretch like a chewing gum. Good enough! I don’t even want to mention the joy of emptying my mind! BLANK!
I was TOTAL DUMMY when I have started, but I am getting better. I have decided to make July the month of yoga. I intended to do some small yoga workout every day and make it non-negotiable. And I have another goal….I have realized that I have rusted so much that I am not able to make a bridge pose anymore. But the real one, like this:
And hold it for more than 5 seconds. Mission impossible!
I have no idea how could it ever happen to me, but since I haven’t even tried to make it for century or two, it is not quite a surprise.
However, I promise to myself and all of you that I will be able to make a bridge pose till the end of July. Yoga and other regular exercises will help me make it. And I will prove my success with a photo on 52 Weeks Project.
And then, I have found THIS.
It is a free 21 day yoga challenge and it is AWESOME. It requires only 5 minutes a day, it is easy and doable! So jump in! Your body will be grateful! I especially love the first video, absolutely anyone can do it and feel as fresh as a flower.
All I want to say now is NAMASTE. Thank you Suzanne! See you on the yoga mat!  😀