Week 20- The tunnel

Week 20- The tunnel

This is a lovely walk near my hometown. It is very attractive path (an old railway track), with many, many tunnels, bridges and dams. It is even more interesting if you are a civil engineer. 😀
It was a lovely day and I finally had a feeling that things are going as I want them to go. I felt like I am finally coming out of the tunnel. Daylight! Hello there!


Week 6- Sunny Sunday

Week 6- Sunny Sunday

This is a piece of winter in my home town, Uzice. And I look like kind of gangsta…yo! The view is interesting and the whole picture looks retro, like 70’s in Yugoslavia. The bag I have on the pic is about that age. You can notice that all of the hills are completely covered by houses, my hometown is hilly and overcrowded. But it is a kind of nice. That is all that I wanted to say.

And yes, you are all welcome in Uzice, Serbia. You would love it, I promise.