Week 34- Two stories behind the sunglasses

Week 34- Two stories behind the sunglasses

Yes, yes, I admit, this photo didn’t cost me too much effort. But it tells even two stories. They are both true, so choose the one you prefer.

Story #1 It is a wonderful summer day in Belgrade. It is sunny, but not too hot. Perfect weather, I dare to say. So I have decided to go to my favorite place.

It is Moritz Eis. And I am holding a cup with…..well, it is not an ice cream, it is a magic! Pure magic. Trust me. The flavors I chose were a coffee and peach. Yummy! (try any of them, you won’t regret). I have spent millions and millions there and never looked back. It is that good!

And yes, I have finally bought a new sunglasses. I LOVE them. Yes, I wear them indoor. Even in the night.

Shopping and ice cream…..perfect combo. Who could ever resist?

Story #2 A postman woke me up. He rang the door bell 55 times before I was able to open my eyes. It was half past ten.

I was dead meat. I was still exhausted after the workcamp and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I have lost my appetite many days ago. And some weight as well. I didn’t feel like eating anything. So I went to my favorite place, Moritz Eis, to grab some ice cream.

And it worked. But as usual, I found it was too small, which was a good sign, anyway. My body was waking up.

On the way to Moritz, I have found these new sunglasses and bought them without a second thought. And threw old ones to the garbage directly, it was about the time. I have black circles around my eyes and I look 10 years older. Yes, I wear them indoor. Even in the night. I need to cover my face. You don’t want to see it.

I need a vacation! A real one!


Week 33- Meditating at Mali Stapar

Week 33- Meditating at Mali Stapar

Mali Stapar, once again. You see, this self portrait is soooo much better than previous one. Human being, I told you.

So let me count:
-2 weeks (and a little bit more)
-1 house
-18 people (and many more)
-a plenty of sunshine
-and a couple of FREEZING nights
-quite some work
-and perfect free time
-tons of food
-hundreds of liters of drinks (without coffees, teas, juices and baby beers)
-swimming (only during the day, thanks God )
-language troubles
-lazy mornings
-and hard working nights
-eating competition, daily
-drinking competition, nightly
-many winners
-no losers (let’s not talk about that)

So we had plenty of everything.

But still, lack of:

-time for ourselves

Good equation! To make it slightly better, I was sneaking outside of the camp in mornings or afternoons, finding nice hidden places and writing my journal. Half an hour daily. A kind of meditation. It made me feel sane. And gave me energy for new dose of working-laughing-drinking-partying or whatever needed.

It was amazing!

Week 32- A lack of time and some praising :D

Week 32- A lack of time and some praising :D

(After the first week of being a camp leader on a voluntary work camp Mali Stapar)

You: What kind of self-portrait is this? I mean……

Me: t was absolutely the best self-portrait I could possibly make in given time.

You: But you had one whole week!

Me: I know, but I just didn’t have time!

You: Excuses, excuses…..Did you write this for yourself? :p

Me: No, of course not! I just took a photo of it.

You: So who did it?

Me: I don’t know. One of the voluntaries.

You: Which one?

Me: I have no idea. It was anonymous gossip, from the Gossip box.

You: A love note”

Me: No, no, nothing of the sort.

You: It says “Milena, you are doing amazing job.” Now let me tell you, you did lousy job this week. This is not a self portrait. This is just a note on the table sheet.

Me: Yes, but it is proof!

You: Proof of what?

Me: Of my hard work. I was multitasking, working, cooking, giving interviews, listening, running, washing, cleaning, organizing…….I just couldn’t make a better photo.

You: And now what?

Me: Now nothing, the week has passed……but people were very satisfied with me…..And I was delighted to receive this message……..

You: There, there….but try harder next week. Promise?

Me: Promise! It will look at least like a human being.

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for this message, anonymous volunteer! It made my day. And my week. My photo of the week, I mean. 😀 😀 😀

Week 31- Go away. I am reading.

Week 31- Go away. I am reading.

This is me and Bill Bryson’s “At home”.  And here is the list! You can consider yourself a bookworm if you check 5/15 or more. Let’s get started!

1. You fall in love with a book characters.
2. You actually like book characters much more than the people you know in real life. (You even use expressions such as “real life”.)
3. You have never really recovered after a death of some book characters. Never ever!
4. You feel like coming inside of the book and kicking some asses, when some injustice occurs.
5. You feel sad when you finish a good book (like when the good party is over).
6. You have a hard time coming back to reality after reading a good book.
7. You think: “WTF am I supposed to do now?!”, after finishing a stunning book.
8. You judge the people due to the content of their bookshelves.
9. The books are your very favorite gifts (both, to give and receive).
10. If you have some money, then you buy a book. And if some money still remains, then you buy a food. (pasta and ketchup)
11. You are sure that you will die next to a pile of books you intended to read.
12. You find a smell of books sooooo special.
13. If you ever get trapped, you hope it to be in a library or a bookshop.
14. You would like to have “GO AWAY. I AM READING” sign, instead of regular “DO NOT DISTURB”.
15. You are still reading this and you do not think that I am total loony for checking 15/15.

P. S. Welcome to Mali Stapar, the place where the magic will take it’s place for the next two weeks. Stay tuned.