Week 36- Another little piece of my heart vol. 2

Week 36- Another little piece of my heart vol. 2

Still in Croatia. Still in Dubravica. Still enjoying all the beauty of sea, islands, figs, wine and sunshine.

This photo belongs to some kind of past excavation, so to say. Back to roots.

This is my great-grandmother’s house. Remains of the house, to be accurate.

The house is not collapsed, it is very neglected however, but still totally spooky and lovely.

Weeds, grass, vine, blackberries are all around, walls are ruined, stones are falling apart. But the whole atmosphere is somehow magical and inspirational. We have made some lovely photos and we just couldn’t get enough.

I am sitting on a wind surfing board, that has been left for many years. I am not sure if it will ever be used again.

The whole place tells so many stories about past, the people that I love, people around me and people that are, unfortunately, not around any more. It tells about life in Mediterranean village, about my family and many friends. Weeds, blackberries and vine are growing, stones are falling off and life goes on. But I had to capture the “rearview mirror” in this magical place. Roots, rock, reggae!

P. S. Can you see a small piece of sea through back door? Isn’t it just lovely?


Week 35- Another little piece of my hearth – Vol. 1

Week 35- Another little piece of my hearth - Vol. 1

Now this is what I call “VACATION”. Holidays in Croatia, on the same place, 25 years later.

We were in village Dubravica, where my great-grandmother is from. My parents and cousins came here for summer holidays for ages. I was here only once, when I was 1 year old. Of course, I don’t remember anything and it is a pity. The village is freaking AWESOME. It is not on the coast, but 6 kilometers away, up the hill. And the view compensates everything.

Photo tells thousand words and these binoculars can help me add a few more.

I don’t want to write too much. Some things are indescribable.

It was totally enough for me to have my coffee, read my book and admire the beauty before me. Silently. Words would just spoil the perfection.