Week 2- Higher and higher

Week 2- Step by step

Another one with the snow…(later on we have realized that these kind of photos will be rare and exotic this winter) This was at Rtanj mountain, it is traditional action that takes a place every year on a weekend after Christmas. The mountain is shaped like a pyramid and locals say that it is often visited by aliens. It was claimed to be one of the safe places for the End of the World, that was supposed to happen on 21.12.2012. Unfortunately, it was canceled, as we all know. When we came down, we have visited the bar of a man known as Show, who told us everything about aliens, because he has communicated to them already. But government didn’t like it, so they have cut of his electricity and telephone, but he didn’t care. The bar was full and the atmosphere was totally weird….just what we needed. Anyway, the whole day was amazing, with the plenty of snow, ice, sunshine, beer and all the lovely things. We are starting to get ready for the next End of the world, and hoping that this one won’t fail. 😀