Week 25- Red head

Week 25- Red head

Maybe it is not easy to notice, but I have changed my hair color. For the very first time in my life. I prefer natural and shiny hair, so I did it with henna, not the real color and chemicals. I love it! It is not a Poison Ivy, but it still gives me an attitude (of superhero).

But there is interesting story behind it all…..as usual. I bought two packages of henna and my mom and sister told me that I have to keep it on my hair for six hours. It is only a plant powder and it takes quite some time to make a difference in the color. I was a bit disappointed. I had that much time only on Sundays. But I certainly didn’t want to spend my only free day in the week with plastic bag on my head for six hours. I needed sunshine. And social life.

So the nice Bollywood lady with machagony hair (it was the photo on the package) had to wait for her appearance on the stage. And she was waiting one month…..two months……..three whole months. And then the miracle happened.

My colleague bought the same henna for her mother in law. “Did you read the instructions?” she asked me the next day. “No, why?” “The instructions say that you are supposed to keep it on your hair 15 minutes or half an hour….”

God dammit! I have done it that evening and I had my new color. Nice and glowing. It was that simple. Only half an hour. I just do not understand how it works so quickly but it doesn’t matter.

One important conclusion: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! You may loose 5 minutes, but you may save three months.



Week 27- Brand new cookie

Week 27- Brand new cookie

Oh, don’t look at me, please! Don’t look at me. I am so terrible on this photo. But it just doesn’t matter. I have warned you about my possible appearance on the photos. Spookie!

What matters is this sweet heart, a new cookie, 6 days old Lazar. Isn’t he just perfect little boy? Of course he is. Just maybe……he is still too small and just a few steps away from the throne with his MAJESTY, the KING OF MY HEART, THE ONE AND ONLY…………well, you guess who it is…….PAVLE, PAVLE THE GREAT. While I was capturing this photo, Pavle was in front of the room and he was calling me :”Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamaamamammamamamamamamama….” (that is how he calles me, altough I am not his mom, OMG ❤ ❤ <3), without any intention of stopping. I guess that explains my stupid, terrified face expression. I didn’t want Pavle to think that the baby is my new pal, who took his privileged place. But on the other hand, baby is so sweeeeeeeeeeet, oh, I am melting………that is a kind of fragile balance I was afraid of.

I made a photo, acknowledged that I look like sh*t and ran outside. What else could I do? Except to ask Pavle does he want me to push him on the truck or another way around. There is a time, I will make many better photos of Lazar (when we send Pavle to kindergarten).

Just one more thing: Dear world, get ready for another AWESOME fella that will rock and roll, and run, and jump, and sing, and dance, and break hearts, and share the love and happiness. Welcome, little one! ❤ ❤ ❤

Week 24- Average of four

Week 24- Average of four

I have read an interesting quote: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

I have no freaking idea who are other two, but these girls here are the 3 persons I spend most time with. 8 to 9 hours in the office, 5-6 days a week……..enough is enough. I am becoming a blend of them all, and they have me inside of their own blend.

We eat together, have coffee together, read and comment news together, make shopping recommendations for each other etc. All the stuff that girls do in a girly office, at not-so-girly workplace.

Our specialization: Birthday cards. We make birthday cards by ourselves, and with all stuff that we have in office regularly (i.e. colorful papers, clips, cardboard, stickers, printers, plotters). So if somebody’s sister, brother, husband, child, nephew, aunt from Germany has a birthday, we will gladly make a birthday card. From Granit with love!

Our unfulfilled dream: When we have troubles on THIS workplace, we dream about opening a pastry shop, named “FAT&HAPPY”. We would proudly be both. 😀

However…….this photo is so untrue…….it was the worst workweek ever. Our worktime has been extended, all of us have got some new (impossible) tasks. So many conflicts, so much confusion and stress. Neglected problems coming up on the surface. Photoshooting was the best part of that neverending week.

Now, let me tell you something about the crew:

1. Nancy (down, left)- You remember her from Week 13. Daily dose of sanity. Coffee mate. 4th girl in family with 5 children. Also know as Goldhaired Shepherdess. Great fan of TV, sleeping, napping and relaxing. Movie maniac! She speaks about movies so vividly that you get an impression that ALL of that stuff actually happened to HER. In this very life. Genius!

2. Ivana V. (down, right) Super-women, super-mom! Two wonderful kids. My soulmate. All our astrological traits are the same. 😀 Her husband and my boyfriend have the same names and almost the same last names (only 1 letter is different). Ivana is the calmest of us all. Has expired driving licence for many years. Active driver, despite of it. (Don’t tell anyone). Great fan of shoes and dresses. Girly girl.

3. Ivana K. (upper, left) I call her Ivancica. Teeny, tiny. But don’t mess with her, you will regret it. Trust me, you don’t want to see her angry. Worker of the month. I mean this month. And I mean every single month. No matter how hard we try (usually,we do not try at all) to beat her, she is always worker of the month. And of the year. Great fan of black chronicles in the newspaper. Darker! Her dream is to move to Durmitor and have goats there. And be super-zen. And to find a big, strong, handsome guy to enjoy the new zen life with her. Guys, you’ve heard the lady!

4.Me, myself and who am I? A great fan of walking. Buying breakfast most of the time. The loudest person in the office. Always ready for the next “how embarrassing” scene. Driver. (Coward driver, the one with the licence). Blend of previous 3. And some other people. Pavle’s and Lazar’s aunt. And inspiration cookie.

I love you girls! Thank you for making this hard time so fresh and funny! ❤ ❤ ❤