Week 31- Go away. I am reading.

Week 31- Go away. I am reading.

This is me and Bill Bryson’s “At home”. ¬†And here is the list! You can consider yourself a bookworm if you check 5/15 or more. Let’s get started!

1. You fall in love with a book characters.
2. You actually like book characters much more than the people you know in real life. (You even use expressions such as “real life”.)
3. You have never really recovered after a death of some book characters. Never ever!
4. You feel like coming inside of the book and kicking some asses, when some injustice occurs.
5. You feel sad when you finish a good book (like when the good party is over).
6. You have a hard time coming back to reality after reading a good book.
7. You think: “WTF am I supposed to do now?!”, after finishing a stunning book.
8. You judge the people due to the content of their bookshelves.
9. The books are your very favorite gifts (both, to give and receive).
10. If you have some money, then you buy a book. And if some money still remains, then you buy a food. (pasta and ketchup)
11. You are sure that you will die next to a pile of books you intended to read.
12. You find a smell of books sooooo special.
13. If you ever get trapped, you hope it to be in a library or a bookshop.
14. You would like to have “GO AWAY. I AM READING” sign, instead of regular “DO NOT DISTURB”.
15. You are still reading this and you do not think that I am total loony for checking 15/15.

P. S. Welcome to Mali Stapar, the place where the magic will take it’s place for the next two weeks. Stay tuned.