Week 25- Red head

Week 25- Red head

Maybe it is not easy to notice, but I have changed my hair color. For the very first time in my life. I prefer natural and shiny hair, so I did it with henna, not the real color and chemicals. I love it! It is not a Poison Ivy, but it still gives me an attitude (of superhero).

But there is interesting story behind it all…..as usual. I bought two packages of henna and my mom and sister told me that I have to keep it on my hair for six hours. It is only a plant powder and it takes quite some time to make a difference in the color. I was a bit disappointed. I had that much time only on Sundays. But I certainly didn’t want to spend my only free day in the week with plastic bag on my head for six hours. I needed sunshine. And social life.

So the nice Bollywood lady with machagony hair (it was the photo on the package) had to wait for her appearance on the stage. And she was waiting one month…..two months……..three whole months. And then the miracle happened.

My colleague bought the same henna for her mother in law. “Did you read the instructions?” she asked me the next day. “No, why?” “The instructions say that you are supposed to keep it on your hair 15 minutes or half an hour….”

God dammit! I have done it that evening and I had my new color. Nice and glowing. It was that simple. Only half an hour. I just do not understand how it works so quickly but it doesn’t matter.

One important conclusion: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! You may loose 5 minutes, but you may save three months.