Week 16- Flower child

Week 17- Flower child

Now this is what I call “the spring”. I am lying on the ground among fresh grass and yellow flowers. Feeling the nature! It is a sunset at our “ranch”, our new favorite place. And I look like junke on a rehab on this photo. Which is a kind of truth. Again and again, I am sick of office, I want to lay on the ground in the flowers, stare at the sky, listen to birds and empty my mind. I think that I deserve to be paid for that, because I am so God damn good at it! Natural talent!


Week 14- Waiting for the sun

Week 14- Waiting for the sun

New (red) sneakers? Check!
Spring cleaning? Check!
Hair? Check!
New jeans? Check!
T-shirt? Check!
Something is missing…..let me see…oh, yeah, we only miss the spring. What took it so long? Dear spring, please, don’t be shy, we are impatiently expecting you and everything is ready. Bring us some color and some real flowers. Here is the photo so you can get an impression.

P. S. I am posting this on June 13th, and the situation about spring is pretty much the same (my sneakers are just a little older)! I am getting angry!