Week 32- A lack of time and some praising :D

Week 32- A lack of time and some praising :D

(After the first week of being a camp leader on a voluntary work camp Mali Stapar)

You: What kind of self-portrait is this? I mean……

Me: t was absolutely the best self-portrait I could possibly make in given time.

You: But you had one whole week!

Me: I know, but I just didn’t have time!

You: Excuses, excuses…..Did you write this for yourself? :p

Me: No, of course not! I just took a photo of it.

You: So who did it?

Me: I don’t know. One of the voluntaries.

You: Which one?

Me: I have no idea. It was anonymous gossip, from the Gossip box.

You: A love note”

Me: No, no, nothing of the sort.

You: It says “Milena, you are doing amazing job.” Now let me tell you, you did lousy job this week. This is not a self portrait. This is just a note on the table sheet.

Me: Yes, but it is proof!

You: Proof of what?

Me: Of my hard work. I was multitasking, working, cooking, giving interviews, listening, running, washing, cleaning, organizing…….I just couldn’t make a better photo.

You: And now what?

Me: Now nothing, the week has passed……but people were very satisfied with me…..And I was delighted to receive this message……..

You: There, there….but try harder next week. Promise?

Me: Promise! It will look at least like a human being.

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for this message, anonymous volunteer! It made my day. And my week. My photo of the week, I mean. 😀 😀 😀