Inspiration cookie


Hello, hello.

I am Milena,

I am civil engineer

mountain climber

great fan of:








Language learning




Loud laughing

and trying to put it all in the same package somehow.

Does it work? Hmmmm, let’s give it a try.

An important fact:

I am the eldest child in the family. So I am able to be responsible and handle the mess.

I have two younger sisters.

I have realized recently that one of my biggest passions (with all previously listed) is speaking with my youngest sister about philosophy, music, literature, art, sharing ideas, thoughts and all the beautiful and small things that make our days.

So I want to keep my minds, ideas, memories, photos, stories, smells and tastes.

The time goes by so quickly and our memory is not as good as we think.

Another thing:

I work as an engineer full time, it is demanding work, calculations, drawings, steel and concrete…..and after a workday I really need something creative as a ballast.

When you are busy, time has another value for you. You try to use it in the best way, to squeeze the day like a lemon.

That is what I am trying to do. To find inspiration for myself and inspire others. Not to fall into everyday routine.

I hope you will find it fresh, interesting, funny and inspiring.

Thank you so much for reading. Stay tuned

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