Week 11- Heroes, tombs, dishes and Buenos Aires

Week 11- Heroes, tombs, dishes and Buenos Aires

And now this is me reading this STUNNING BOOK. It is “On Heroes and Tombs” by Ernesto Sabato. Recommendation! It is about  bunch of CRAZY people, at one place, trying to neutralize eachother’s craziness. And it is never possible. I just love it.
Besides of it……..Argentina is one of these countries that I have always wanted to visit. No, I didn’t say it well. I have always had UNBEARABLE desire to visit Argentina. I do not have any special reason for that, but I am totally sure there is so much going on there and they are waiting just for me to come. After a while I have read a text about Buenos Aires in a magazine and I have discovered that the main avenue (also the widest avenue in the world) is called Avenida 9 de Julio (9th July Avenue).
And what happened on the 9th of July?
Of course, it is my birthday!
I was absolutely delighted! It was a certain sign that Buenos Aires is a place for me. I knew it.

I dreamt about Buenes Aires many times, especially during the reading of this book. And some other books.

So now I would like to ask nice people of Argentina to invite me for a visit. If they could buy me a ticket, it could be even better. I am a good guest and I always wash the dishes right after meal. All of the dishes!