Week 33- Meditating at Mali Stapar

Week 33- Meditating at Mali Stapar

Mali Stapar, once again. You see, this self portrait is soooo much better than previous one. Human being, I told you.

So let me count:
-2 weeks (and a little bit more)
-1 house
-18 people (and many more)
-a plenty of sunshine
-and a couple of FREEZING nights
-quite some work
-and perfect free time
-tons of food
-hundreds of liters of drinks (without coffees, teas, juices and baby beers)
-swimming (only during the day, thanks God )
-language troubles
-lazy mornings
-and hard working nights
-eating competition, daily
-drinking competition, nightly
-many winners
-no losers (let’s not talk about that)

So we had plenty of everything.

But still, lack of:

-time for ourselves

Good equation! To make it slightly better, I was sneaking outside of the camp in mornings or afternoons, finding nice hidden places and writing my journal. Half an hour daily. A kind of meditation. It made me feel sane. And gave me energy for new dose of working-laughing-drinking-partying or whatever needed.

It was amazing!