Week 43- Get Lucky (or Laki)

Week 43- Sweetheart

I came to visit my sister and the kids. It was a lovely autumn day. But Pavle didn’t share that opinion. It was his crazy day. We just couldn’t get along. He didn’t want to play with me, or with anybody else, he just wanted to kick somebody’s ass. I didn’t want to be pushy and I moved away. Fortunately, there was another option- Lazar, Laki.

He is like a cookie or donut. He is calm and quiet, but he is tremendously happy when he gets some attention. He is laughing and speaking his baby-language then. You can kiss him, pet him, pinch him, roll him around, play with him and laugh- he enjoys all of it. (I have realized how much I neglected him. Pavle always occupies my time and attention.) This photo is just one moment of our joy. We had a whole lovely afternoon. In your face, Pavle!


Weeks 40, 41 and 42- Green, greener, the greenest

Weeks 40, 41 and 42- Green, greener, the greenest

Another fancy thing in my arsenal. Green smoothie. Yummy one. Fresh. Eye opener. Energy booster.

It is fairly simple. You need one banana, 1/2 cup of yogurt, hand full of spinach and pinch of cinnamon. And food processor. Let the games begin.

You can make many variations. This first one, labeled as GREEN, is made with kale instead of spinach. And I put one pear in it as well. (Very good, but not very green). GREENER and THE GREENEST contain different amounts of spinach and yogurt. You can play however you want. Possibilities are endless and mistakes not very likely. (You can correct anything with some honey.)

One more thing, don’t be deceived by my appearance. I look THE FRESHEST on the first one. And as the smoothies get greener, my freshness is decreasing. Last one looks like hangover in Las Vegas. But that is the part of marketing. After hangover in Las Vegas (or where ever) you need THE GREENEST option, nothing less. So adapt the color to your overall condition. And don’t let the freshness and greenness kick make you forget to clean your teeth before leaving home. 🙂

Week 39- In da bathroom

Week 39- In da bathroom

Have you noticed that all the fancy girls have a selfie in their bathroom?

What kind of fancy girl would I be if I didn’t make one?

It wouldn’t be fair. I have to follow the trends and stay updated, so I can keep my reputation.

(Next time expect to see me in leopard tights. Yes, I am becoming THAT fancy. This is just a first step.)

Week 38- Secret party

Week 38- Secret party

Another one from Mali Stapar! Old friends and new action! We were hosts of voluntary Caravan that visited Sweet home Mali Stapar on 17th of September. I mean, they were hosts, I was a kind of imposter or guest-host, if you prefer. I prefer guest-host, although THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE, who wouldn’t be very happy about it. (I mean JD. Don’t tell her about our secret party. Nobody invited her.)

However, it was so wonderful and emotional to visit our sweet home a month later. Temperature was much lower (of course), and the grass grew all around our courtyard. Completely different image.

This was some energizing with the camera, just before our guests arrived. (I think that they actually arrived right after capturing of this photo). We stopped making fools of ourselves and started pretending to be good hosts.

We have had the whole day of working-eating-drinking-walking-talking-talking-talking. It was wonderful, but I was dead meat at the end of the day. Fortunately, action lasted for one day only. Enough is enough. 🙂

P. S. One month later JD found out that we were all together on Mali Stapar without her. (Actually, I was the only fraud.) It was painful. She was angry. But one hour later, she pretended that she knew everything and she didn’t want to come anyway. Whatever. One hour of huuuuuge embarrassment. And relief afterwards. Phew!

Week 37- Cuba libre!

Week 37- Cuba libre!

MUSICAL BACKGROUND (and the video rocks! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

My camera is dead! 😦 😦 😦

(Fortunately, my sister has just bought a HELL of a camera, so I will get her old one).

This is the very last picture captured with it. It looks retro, it is not very sharp and the colors are weird.

But this photo has a huge emotional value. Very last picture.

Good bye, oldie, it was so good to take you around and capture all wonderful moments.

I am sorry I never took you to Cuba, this was the closest possible.

This Cuban flag is one of my favorite gifts EVER. My friend stole it from one very important institution and gave it to me. (No more information about it.) I was delighted to have it.

I kept it on a balcony of my student dormitory, I used it as a curtain, it hanged on the walls of all of the places I lived in. It gave me sense of youth, energy, freedom, brotherhood, eternal summer and other yummy things. I love this flag.

Cuba is (together with Argentina and more or less all of the South and Central America) one of my “must visit” places. Again, I cannot explain why it attracts me that much.

Is it because of music, salsa, son and rumba, is it because of the revolution, is it because of Mojitos, is it because of old-timers, because of people dancing in the streets, making party around the radio, is it because of the beaches, cigarettes, rhythms………..who knows. I will tell you when I get there.

Until then….shake it, shake it, shake it (in a privacy of my place, when no one watches). I need to get ready for the street parties.

Porque yo se que la Havana me esta esperando!

Week 36- Another little piece of my heart vol. 2

Week 36- Another little piece of my heart vol. 2

Still in Croatia. Still in Dubravica. Still enjoying all the beauty of sea, islands, figs, wine and sunshine.

This photo belongs to some kind of past excavation, so to say. Back to roots.

This is my great-grandmother’s house. Remains of the house, to be accurate.

The house is not collapsed, it is very neglected however, but still totally spooky and lovely.

Weeds, grass, vine, blackberries are all around, walls are ruined, stones are falling apart. But the whole atmosphere is somehow magical and inspirational. We have made some lovely photos and we just couldn’t get enough.

I am sitting on a wind surfing board, that has been left for many years. I am not sure if it will ever be used again.

The whole place tells so many stories about past, the people that I love, people around me and people that are, unfortunately, not around any more. It tells about life in Mediterranean village, about my family and many friends. Weeds, blackberries and vine are growing, stones are falling off and life goes on. But I had to capture the “rearview mirror” in this magical place. Roots, rock, reggae!

P. S. Can you see a small piece of sea through back door? Isn’t it just lovely?