Week 1- Don’t try this at home.

Week 1- Don't try this at home.

This is one small detail from our mountain house on Kopaonik mountain. A broken mirror. (Don’t want to be superstitious, but….) There is a funny story behind it.

It got broken one year, when the winer was very cold, we had the problems with pipes, vents, small flood and total disaster in the bathroom. Our cousins were there with a group of friends. The mirror got broken and they came up with an extraordinary idea for fixing it. (Being isolated in a mountain house, eating winter food and having a few shots of strong alcohol can boost your creativity tremendously.) They have decided to stick the missing piece with bubble gums. They were chewing gums for a minute or so and than used them as a glue or kind of binder. Brilliant! Unfortunately, after a few showers, the bathroom was filled with steam and the piece of art fell apart. (Oh, it even rhymes.)

The mirror remained broken. Nobody dared to do try to fix it again. If that ingenious solution failed, is there anything else in the world that could be done? (Yes, we could clean it, I know.)


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