Week 17- How to make a short story even shorter

Week 17- How to make a short story even shorter

This lady with me is my beautiful youngest sister Nevenka. It was the day when something unpredicted tried to harm her beauty. The result: this small scar at her forehead.

Let me explain: A festival “In the middle of the way” (where famous writers from Serbia, Bosnia and other countries gather, present their books and make lectures) took a place in our hometown. Nevenka went to a very interesting lecture by famous Serbian writer David Albahari. It was about short stories. Mr Albahari is old and has serious health problems, so he couldn’t reach the main hall, which is on the 3rd floor of highschool. Organizers have decided to move his lecture in one of the classrooms at ground floor, so he didn’t have to climb the stairs. The classroom was too small and it was OVERCROWDED with people. The outside temperature was about 33 C, it was uncommonly warm. And it was unbearably warm in the classroom, with a few hundreds of people.

Nevenka felt dizzy and after a while she fell unconsciousness!………………………….Silence…………………………
(Afterwards she said: “Just for a moment EVERYONE’S EYES were fixed at me!”). And I say that she has cut the short story in two.)

Some people helped her, gave her some water, and a friend gave her a ride home. But she still had a small souvenir at her forehead. She hit the chair when she fell. We were worried but the scar has disappeared a few days later. But the moment of her glory will shine forever! Like a diamond! Sorry for interruption, Mr Albahari!