Week 7- My funny wine Valentine

Week 7- My funny wine Valentine

My darling is born on 14th of February- St Valentine’s day. In Serbia that day is also famous as a day of wine. However, the mixture of love and wine is definitely my cup of tea. 😀 I have bought him pajamas as a gift, for endless comfortable hours in the morning, when we drink coffee, listen to the radio (because our TV is broken) and laugh. As a matter of fact, we had his birthday guests for a couple of days and this was the first peaceful morning for us to enjoy ourselves. And our pajamas.
Which brings up the question: How to make guests leave?……………….. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely LOVE our guests…but after a while………. Do you have any tips on the subject? 😀


5 thoughts on “Week 7- My funny wine Valentine

    • I da se nadovezem, ain’t no way to make them feel it’s time to go. Unless…you start farting, as a wake up call. That does it all, ruins their morning, breakfast and cuts a chance of even thinking of coming round again.

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