Week 49- Double trouble


Have you ever been waiting for the bus for AGES, and all of a sudden, two buses come at the same time and you don’t know which one to take?

Have you ever been single for quite a while, and then met two awesome guys/girls in short period of time, and got totally confused what to do next?

These situations are known as double troubles.

They are not necessarily bad.

You have to choose between two quite good things. Which implies you will end up with one good thing. Not bad at all.

You will also have to leave one good thing behind.

And that is totally not the end of the world.

The problem in double trouble situations is the fact that things just LOVE to happen all at the same time.

Things hate schedules, plans, pace and that kind of shit.

Things love each other, stick to each other, attract each other and jump over each other.

And then, after the century of silence and nothingness, you get everything at once.

Unbelievable, jaw-dropping everything!

That is how things work. Love it or hate it.

I don’t want to spread the story about my PHD studies. I have finally got started.

And after a whole year of running in circles, I have got accepted at two places.

After hundreds of complications, strange and unpredictable events and confusion, I ended up with two of those (look at the photo.)

In Serbia we call this small book Index. (It is a kind of student book, where you write your marks, exams and some other stupid stuff. I am not sure if anyone else in civilized world still uses something like this.)

Anyway, Index provides me a pleasure of buying (legal) student ticket for buses. With discount.

I use it a lot.

I just have trouble which bus to choose, because they keep on coming in old double-trouble fashion.

Always two at the same time. 🙂 🙂 🙂