Week 48- …..and all of above make you ADORABLE

Week 48-  .....and all of above make you ADORABLE

How to make spiritual celebration?

To buy yourself something nice? Make a cake? A package of beer? A few bottles of wine? Rock the party?

None of these ideas resonated with me……

And then I came up with a new one.

I wrote six letters.

Addressed them.

Gave them to their recipients.

And received tons of love, gratitude, OMGs and laugh. And I was super happy.

Here is the template that I made for each letter:

“Dear XYZ,

As you know (or don’t know), I was honored to work with great life coach, Shan, for last couple of months. Our work mostly related to my personal and spiritual growth. I have done very well, learned a lot and had a great time. Shan was very happy with my thriving, but she suggested that I should celebrate my progress somehow. When she said “celebrate”, the first thing that came to my mind was buying a new necklace/tights/lipstick or something like that. But I wasn’t satisfied with it. It seemed strange to celebrate my spiritual victory with something material. That’s why I came up with this. This is a part of an exercise “The people I admire (and why)”. You are highly ranked on my list, so I have decided to share the things I wrote with you. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. (And I will buy necklace/tights/lipstick, anyway, don’t worry.)

So I admire you because you are:

(huge very special personalized list of wonderfulness)

……..and all of above makes you adorable. Thank you for all the super-moments. My life would be like cold, un-spiced stew without you. Stay hot-spicy-chilly-pepper like that FOREVER. With love


Great, wonderful thing. Everybody happy. Beer/ice cream/coffee/wine tasted even better afterwards.

I strongly encourage you to try something like that.

You will love it.

People will love it.

And you will ironically receive whole lotta (more) love.