Week 47- Ouch!

Week 47- Ouch!

This thing on my forearm is burn. And believe me, it is nothing, comparing to early phase, just after the accident. (But I wasn’t smart enough to perpetuate that horror.)

You might be wondering how did it happen. Well, it is not a surprise. Let me tell you…….I am not clumsy. I just….somehow…… attract small accidents.

I have the scar on my face, right cheek precisely.

And another one on the top of my forehead.

And another one on the left hand. (It wasn’t my fault, my Czech friend made it with the saw on the voluntary work camp in Portugal.)

I cut myself terribly with the scissors, while wrapping gifts for my family during these holidays. (Who has ever done such a thing?!)

And this burn, as well! I made it with a tea kettle. It is one of the simples, friendliest gadgets in the kitchen, even the child can use it. I have been using it for years and never had any problem, until now.

I put the water in it and I was putting away clean dishes, while waiting for the water to boil. I didn’t know exact moment of boiling, because it starts making SHHHHHHHH sound quite early. So I was working and working, I stretched my arm over the kettle, to reach something and BOOOOOOM! Perfect synchronization! The water has just boiled and focused steam hit my forearm. One milisecond was enough for a second-degree burn. The rest of the day was pure agony.

Now I have a stain that will last a few months. One more in my arsenal. And another enemy in the kitchen, I should beware of. Sad story.


Week 46- Misty mornings

Week 46- Misty mornings

Musical background.

I hate mornings like this. But I love my photo of the week.

My camera is at the neighbor’s yard and I am on the other side of barb wire.

In mornings like this one, it’s the best not to play with colors.

However, you can take advantage of shapes and silhouettes.

Along with the fact that the neighbor is not around.

And make wet-almost-monochromatic-dangerous photo.

I guess Bob Marley felt like that when he wrote our musical background, while being in UK.

Knowing that Rita is enjoying Jamaican sunshine.

And colors.

Oh Rita, you lucky one!

Week 45- Adventure recipe

Week 45- Adventure recipe

Today I will give you a recipe for a midnight adventure.


-a good friend (in a mood for action)
-(expansive) idea where do you want to go
-lack of idea how to get there (it is a key ingredient)
-2 beers
-package of peanuts

Me and Rod, one of my favorite people on the Earth, never lacked in anything of above. (Except for peanuts, they somehow disappear in matter of seconds.) We have never crossed a new bridge in Belgrade, and we have decided to do it. Of course, it doesn’t sound like a hell of an adventure, but the place is still under the construction. A whole bridge is made, but they are still working on structures around it. Earlier that week we have been invited to the party around that place and we just couldn’t reach it because of all the equipment and fences. We gave up the party, thinking “We’ll be back!” We have also decided to make a new action of overcoming all the obstacles and crossing the bridge punctually in the midnight. Just to make it more spectacular.

And here we are! It was easy, peaceful and we were the only pedestrians on the bridge. Lovely lights, lovely view. Enormous structure makes you feel awe, like an ant next to an elephant. Beer helped us overcome that feeling and peanuts were all gone approximately at the half of the span. Somewhere between two river banks, somewhere between Friday and Saturday……

Week 44- Tripod!

Week 44- Tripod!

OMG, look at these green leaves and the date of publishing! Shame on me!

I have to tell you that I have completed my photo challenge on time and I am getting ready for the next one. But in the meantime, I have to publish all the photos that remain, and it is pretty number. I was working so hard on my SUPERNOVA project, one more photo challenge, coaching, yoga and the time just slipped away. Anyway, I’ll speed up and in two weeks I promise to be back on the tracks. I apologize for being late. (Will not happen in 2014., it my New year resolution. 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

This photo is captured on lovely autumn day. (Believe me that it was an autumn, despite all the green leaves and very few yellow ones.) That day I got a lovely and incredibly useful gift that I was whining for for the ages. It is a small tripod for a camera. (Actually, we had one a few years ago, but we have mysteriously lost it.) It is “must have” thing for self portraits. Don’t even ask me how I managed to take 43 photos without it!

We have spotted the tripod in a store and we asked for the price.

“3 Euros.” the guy from the store said.

“Gimme, gimme, gimme!”, I shouted.

Then the girl from the store made us a check and said:

“OK, it would be a 300 Euros for you…..”

“What, what, what?!”

We almost ran outside, feeling like we tried to steal something and got caught. It turned out that the girl typed a code for some fancy-cyber-camera lens and she couldn’t correct the check. We have waited for a half an hour and finally got our baby-tripod for an initial price of 3 Euros (or 1 Euro per pod, if you prefer.)

This is a very first photo with it. I held the tripod with camera on it in my shaky-shaky hand. But the photo was fine, nice, sharp and vivid. Good, good investment!

Week 43- Get Lucky (or Laki)

Week 43- Sweetheart

I came to visit my sister and the kids. It was a lovely autumn day. But Pavle didn’t share that opinion. It was his crazy day. We just couldn’t get along. He didn’t want to play with me, or with anybody else, he just wanted to kick somebody’s ass. I didn’t want to be pushy and I moved away. Fortunately, there was another option- Lazar, Laki.

He is like a cookie or donut. He is calm and quiet, but he is tremendously happy when he gets some attention. He is laughing and speaking his baby-language then. You can kiss him, pet him, pinch him, roll him around, play with him and laugh- he enjoys all of it. (I have realized how much I neglected him. Pavle always occupies my time and attention.) This photo is just one moment of our joy. We had a whole lovely afternoon. In your face, Pavle!

Weeks 40, 41 and 42- Green, greener, the greenest

Weeks 40, 41 and 42- Green, greener, the greenest

Another fancy thing in my arsenal. Green smoothie. Yummy one. Fresh. Eye opener. Energy booster.

It is fairly simple. You need one banana, 1/2 cup of yogurt, hand full of spinach and pinch of cinnamon. And food processor. Let the games begin.

You can make many variations. This first one, labeled as GREEN, is made with kale instead of spinach. And I put one pear in it as well. (Very good, but not very green). GREENER and THE GREENEST contain different amounts of spinach and yogurt. You can play however you want. Possibilities are endless and mistakes not very likely. (You can correct anything with some honey.)

One more thing, don’t be deceived by my appearance. I look THE FRESHEST on the first one. And as the smoothies get greener, my freshness is decreasing. Last one looks like hangover in Las Vegas. But that is the part of marketing. After hangover in Las Vegas (or where ever) you need THE GREENEST option, nothing less. So adapt the color to your overall condition. And don’t let the freshness and greenness kick make you forget to clean your teeth before leaving home. 🙂

Week 39- In da bathroom

Week 39- In da bathroom

Have you noticed that all the fancy girls have a selfie in their bathroom?

What kind of fancy girl would I be if I didn’t make one?

It wouldn’t be fair. I have to follow the trends and stay updated, so I can keep my reputation.

(Next time expect to see me in leopard tights. Yes, I am becoming THAT fancy. This is just a first step.)