Week 47- Ouch!

Week 47- Ouch!

This thing on my forearm is burn. And believe me, it is nothing, comparing to early phase, just after the accident. (But I wasn’t smart enough to perpetuate that horror.)

You might be wondering how did it happen. Well, it is not a surprise. Let me tell you…….I am not clumsy. I just….somehow…… attract small accidents.

I have the scar on my face, right cheek precisely.

And another one on the top of my forehead.

And another one on the left hand. (It wasn’t my fault, my Czech friend made it with the saw on the voluntary work camp in Portugal.)

I cut myself terribly with the scissors, while wrapping gifts for my family during these holidays. (Who has ever done such a thing?!)

And this burn, as well! I made it with a tea kettle. It is one of the simples, friendliest gadgets in the kitchen, even the child can use it. I have been using it for years and never had any problem, until now.

I put the water in it and I was putting away clean dishes, while waiting for the water to boil. I didn’t know exact moment of boiling, because it starts making SHHHHHHHH sound quite early. So I was working and working, I stretched my arm over the kettle, to reach something and BOOOOOOM! Perfect synchronization! The water has just boiled and focused steam hit my forearm. One milisecond was enough for a second-degree burn. The rest of the day was pure agony.

Now I have a stain that will last a few months. One more in my arsenal. And another enemy in the kitchen, I should beware of. Sad story.


2 thoughts on “Week 47- Ouch!

  1. Pffffffftt, examine and admire a cigarette burn that was acquired on purpose, that was made by oneself as an undeniable proof of invincibleness, fueled with an unparalleled desire of vindication upon the everlasting competitiveness between the sadist and masochist. And watch it fill with pus, apply antibiotics, and watch as hair on that spot never grows back again. Oh yes, you probably don’t have to worry about the bald spots on your arms, don’t you? πŸ™‚ Ali ovo sve samo ako ga bas krvnicki pritisnes πŸ™‚

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