Week 45- Adventure recipe

Week 45- Adventure recipe

Today I will give you a recipe for a midnight adventure.


-a good friend (in a mood for action)
-(expansive) idea where do you want to go
-lack of idea how to get there (it is a key ingredient)
-2 beers
-package of peanuts

Me and Rod, one of my favorite people on the Earth, never lacked in anything of above. (Except for peanuts, they somehow disappear in matter of seconds.) We have never crossed a new bridge in Belgrade, and we have decided to do it. Of course, it doesn’t sound like a hell of an adventure, but the place is still under the construction. A whole bridge is made, but they are still working on structures around it. Earlier that week we have been invited to the party around that place and we just couldn’t reach it because of all the equipment and fences. We gave up the party, thinking “We’ll be back!” We have also decided to make a new action of overcoming all the obstacles and crossing the bridge punctually in the midnight. Just to make it more spectacular.

And here we are! It was easy, peaceful and we were the only pedestrians on the bridge. Lovely lights, lovely view. Enormous structure makes you feel awe, like an ant next to an elephant. Beer helped us overcome that feeling and peanuts were all gone approximately at the half of the span. Somewhere between two river banks, somewhere between Friday and Saturday……


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