Week 43- Get Lucky (or Laki)

Week 43- Sweetheart

I came to visit my sister and the kids. It was a lovely autumn day. But Pavle didn’t share that opinion. It was his crazy day. We just couldn’t get along. He didn’t want to play with me, or with anybody else, he just wanted to kick somebody’s ass. I didn’t want to be pushy and I moved away. Fortunately, there was another option- Lazar, Laki.

He is like a cookie or donut. He is calm and quiet, but he is tremendously happy when he gets some attention. He is laughing and speaking his baby-language then. You can kiss him, pet him, pinch him, roll him around, play with him and laugh- he enjoys all of it. (I have realized how much I neglected him. Pavle always occupies my time and attention.) This photo is just one moment of our joy. We had a whole lovely afternoon. In your face, Pavle!


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