Weeks 40, 41 and 42- Green, greener, the greenest

Weeks 40, 41 and 42- Green, greener, the greenest

Another fancy thing in my arsenal. Green smoothie. Yummy one. Fresh. Eye opener. Energy booster.

It is fairly simple. You need one banana, 1/2 cup of yogurt, hand full of spinach and pinch of cinnamon. And food processor. Let the games begin.

You can make many variations. This first one, labeled as GREEN, is made with kale instead of spinach. And I put one pear in it as well. (Very good, but not very green). GREENER and THE GREENEST contain different amounts of spinach and yogurt. You can play however you want. Possibilities are endless and mistakes not very likely. (You can correct anything with some honey.)

One more thing, don’t be deceived by my appearance. I look THE FRESHEST on the first one. And as the smoothies get greener, my freshness is decreasing. Last one looks like hangover in Las Vegas. But that is the part of marketing. After hangover in Las Vegas (or where ever) you need THE GREENEST option, nothing less. So adapt the color to your overall condition. And don’t let the freshness and greenness kick make you forget to clean your teeth before leaving home. 🙂


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