Week 38- Secret party

Week 38- Secret party

Another one from Mali Stapar! Old friends and new action! We were hosts of voluntary Caravan that visited Sweet home Mali Stapar on 17th of September. I mean, they were hosts, I was a kind of imposter or guest-host, if you prefer. I prefer guest-host, although THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE, who wouldn’t be very happy about it. (I mean JD. Don’t tell her about our secret party. Nobody invited her.)

However, it was so wonderful and emotional to visit our sweet home a month later. Temperature was much lower (of course), and the grass grew all around our courtyard. Completely different image.

This was some energizing with the camera, just before our guests arrived. (I think that they actually arrived right after capturing of this photo). We stopped making fools of ourselves and started pretending to be good hosts.

We have had the whole day of working-eating-drinking-walking-talking-talking-talking. It was wonderful, but I was dead meat at the end of the day. Fortunately, action lasted for one day only. Enough is enough. 🙂

P. S. One month later JD found out that we were all together on Mali Stapar without her. (Actually, I was the only fraud.) It was painful. She was angry. But one hour later, she pretended that she knew everything and she didn’t want to come anyway. Whatever. One hour of huuuuuge embarrassment. And relief afterwards. Phew!


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