I Kinda Wanna Be a Coach :)

OMG, this is my first video! (No, I don’t count these drunk ones, when we go out and 5 beers later we dance Mambo, sing our favorite songs and film ourselves upside down. Not that kind of video.) I look SOOOOO serious and the sunshine is all over my face, so I hardly keep my eyes opened. But I made it! Despite of warmth, sunshine, my Tarzan English, low sound, breeze and another obstacles! I made it! Another fear has been eaten! Yummy!

This is an invitation for I Kinda Wanna Be a Coach conference, that starts on 18th of November. If you are interested in coaching, like myself, you will find a tons of great material there. AND IT’S COMPLETELY FREE! I am 100% sure that this conference will rock. I fell in love with Jacob’s previous conference WTF should I do with my life. When I read its name I thought: “OMG, I feel like they just need to put my name under the title!” It was something made JUST for me! The conference was stunning! If somebody asked me: “What’s up?” in these days, I would proudly say: “You know, I am listening to ‘WTF should I do with my life’ conference, man!”, and sigh shortly. I was having hard times, you know.

However, a couple of months later, I am looking forward to this next conference. I still haven’t absolutely figured out WTF should I do with my life, but I am on the good way. I also fell in love with coaching. Coaching is every one’s birth right! Yes, I mean it! It helped me in all areas of my life. It is so great to have good supporter, listener, helper, person that will ask you right questions and make you think, wonder and come up with new solutions. You can reach far beyond imaginable.

Thanks to my lovely coach, I have incorporated so many good habits in my life, stopped multitasking, increased my productivity, creativity and happiness, opened my blog, opened a new mailing list SUPERNOVA, and I have started doing some free coaching with my SUPERNOVA subscribers. My program SUPERNOVA (now it is only in Serbian, soon to be translated in English) is about self discovery and creativity boosting through bombastic questions, writing prompts and photo exercises. It was meant to last 4 weeks, but people cried for more, so I had to continue! It is diverse, fresh, funny and introspective, people just love it. I have started working 1 on 1 with people and it is super-exciting. If you are interesting for free coaching with me, send me an e mail. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused, in pain, creatively blocked, I can help.

I am looking forward to I Kinda Wanna Be a Coach. I will get a lot of new ideas, tips, resources and “A-HA” moments, on the topic of coaching. And you can get it, too! See you on the conference. November 18th.


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