Week 34- Two stories behind the sunglasses

Week 34- Two stories behind the sunglasses

Yes, yes, I admit, this photo didn’t cost me too much effort. But it tells even two stories. They are both true, so choose the one you prefer.

Story #1 It is a wonderful summer day in Belgrade. It is sunny, but not too hot. Perfect weather, I dare to say. So I have decided to go to my favorite place.

It is Moritz Eis. And I am holding a cup with…..well, it is not an ice cream, it is a magic! Pure magic. Trust me. The flavors I chose were a coffee and peach. Yummy! (try any of them, you won’t regret). I have spent millions and millions there and never looked back. It is that good!

And yes, I have finally bought a new sunglasses. I LOVE them. Yes, I wear them indoor. Even in the night.

Shopping and ice cream…..perfect combo. Who could ever resist?

Story #2 A postman woke me up. He rang the door bell 55 times before I was able to open my eyes. It was half past ten.

I was dead meat. I was still exhausted after the workcamp and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I have lost my appetite many days ago. And some weight as well. I didn’t feel like eating anything. So I went to my favorite place, Moritz Eis, to grab some ice cream.

And it worked. But as usual, I found it was too small, which was a good sign, anyway. My body was waking up.

On the way to Moritz, I have found these new sunglasses and bought them without a second thought. And threw old ones to the garbage directly, it was about the time. I have black circles around my eyes and I look 10 years older. Yes, I wear them indoor. Even in the night. I need to cover my face. You don’t want to see it.

I need a vacation! A real one!


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