Week 30- Make bridges, not walls

Week 30- Make bridges, not walls

Whenever I see this photo, my first reaction is :”OMG, what the hell is this?!” Oh yeah, that’s just me. (Relief sigh.)

So, this is me in a bridge pose, after my yoga challenge, as I promised. It was not that hard. I guess that making this photo (setting the camera, running away from it, making a bridge pose quickly and holding it for a while, bad one, let’s repeat) was the hardest part of it all. Cardio-yoga-photo challenge! But what kind of engineer would I be if I couldn’t make 10 bridges or even more?

However, I enjoyed this challenge, very much. I have actually exercised properly every single day in July, and I did yoga as a stretching or as a workout as well. It did me so good, I could really feel various benefits of doing it. Let me count:

I didn’t have any headache for quite a while.

The pain in my lower back ceased completely.

I became so much calmer and more focused.

I could do yoga workout whenever I felt exhausted. It never failed to change my energy and put me back on the tracks again.

I could notice my own advance, opening and new range of movement that I was able to do.


And guess what? I became addicted! I want to feel that good regularly.

I will not have chance to do yoga every day in August, but I will try to start again as soon as possible. That is a good and healthy habit that shouldn’t be neglected.

And I do not promise to make any more  funny poses. (It should be a surprise!……………Just kidding)


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