Week 21- Think big, start a little

Week 21-

And now let me count: Jelena, Milos, Sofija, Katarina, Jelena, Aleksandar and Andrija. Oh yes, and me as well. We were at a kind of seminar in Sremski Karlovci and we had the MOST AMAZING TIME! I was there only for two days, but it was so refreshing that it felt like a whole week!
So on that weekend we were taught how to become a camp leaders on international voluntary workcamps. (This is our organization). So look carefully in faces of these criminals…….one round…….once again…….(who is mafia, who is the citizen?)…….these are the people that will lead and be responsible for voluntairs from all over the world this summer in Serbia. Are you scared a little bit? Do you feel a lack of trust? Hehehehehehehehehehe, just wait and see. We are about to start an avalanche!

I love you guys! ❤

P. S. More on the topic of volunteering coming soon. Stay tuned and thank you so much for reading.


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