Week 18- Ride across the river

Week 18- Ride across the river

1th of may. It is one of my favorite days in the year. It is holiday and all of the people want to go outside, make a BBQ, drink and enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it rains. Nooooo……It is funny because most of the people in Serbia do not spend time in nature except on this day. And all of the “famous” picnic places are completely full. But this year we managed to find a nice quiet spot at coutryside, at my friend Maja’s summer house (the village of Kremna). It was girls’ party with cider, beer, barbecue and a lot of girls’ (neverending) chatter. It was WHOA …..just perfect….just what I needed.

On this photo i am lying on a small bridge. It is a teeny tiny suspension bridge, a little scary, but it is OK when you lay down. Our food was on the one side of the river and the center of the party (with drinks) was on another, so the bridge was hot-spot. We have crossed it so many times, which started to feel a little scary after a few drinks………..

So it is easier to lay down for a while……to have a rest and wait a little for a new boost of courage. 😀


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