Week 8- A piece of cake

Week 8- A piece of cake

My good friend’s mother is Italian and she gave me recipe for this cake (Italian crostatta). My friend never got regular birthday cake, every year he gets crostatta. But it is not a big deal because it tastes like HEAVEN, it is so soft, creamy, fruity, crispy….. I could go on like this forever. I have made it many times and my family is crazy about it. I was not absolutely pleased with its appearance, these dough stripes were supposed to be strait and perpendicular, but the dough was too soft and blablabla…… So we have got THIS.

It is filled with blueberries. I am sorry, but you will not be able to see it. It was just impossible to cut the cake in regular pieces and get them out on the plates, it was so soft and creamy and everything fell apart. It killed me. But all of a sudden, everybody took the spoon and approached to pot………….1, 2, 3 ………….the cake looked like battlefield, but you could feel the pleasent silence. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

The rest is not to be photographed.


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